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Cialis needs to be taken once a day only to prevent an overdose - so 24 hours must pass between two dosages.

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    This medication improves the level of testosterone in blood and increases sexual recall, leading to supreme pleasure received from sex.

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  • Cialis is fairly risk-free, there are still a number of side effects linked with it.Magna phasellus etiam ultrices

    When a guy gets sexually aroused, tadalafil, the energetic component of Cialis, relaxes penile smooth muscular tissue allowing even more blood flow to penis.

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  • Female Cialis works by boosting sex drive, improving sensitivity to sexual stimulation, and making certain incredible and multiple orgasms.Magna phasellus etiam ultrices

    As Female Cialis increases the genital blood circulation and sensitivity in the vaginal area, the body creates natural lubrication, makings every intercourse pleasant and effective.

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